Donald Trump Is A Deadbeat! Hundreds Of Unpaid Bills Surface In TWO New Blistering Reports!

Where do we even begin with this ?!

Not one, but TWO new massive brand-new reports — in USA Today and the Wall st. Journal — plunged Thursday evening, and the separate exposs came to the exact same inference:

Journalists from both stores strove out voluminous( seriously, there are hundreds ) histories of people who have been stiffed by The Donald, wandering from subcontractors in the construction industry to various categories of other firms which Trump has regarded irrelevant to compensate — and people are PISSED!

It’s tough to even know where to begin with this one, since the reports are long, particularly in-depth, and very technical…

USA Today ‘s report, for one, noted more than 60 prosecutions and the thousands of liens and judgement against Trump that accuse the real estate mogul of failing to pay parties for employ agreed upon and written up in contracts.

The newspaper also witnessed The Donald’s fellowships have flouted the Fair Labor Standards Act 24 days since merely 2005, failing to pay overtime, minimum wage, and a variety of other employment issues.

In addition, there are more than 200 mechanics’ liens against Trump — documents filed by contractors and employees attempting back spend owed them for drudgery — that time all the way back to the 1980 s. Those liens array from $75,000 to more than$ 1 million, and in total represent literally hundreds of projects and parties which weren’t squared away by Trump.

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Disgustingly, and predictably, the presidential nominee had foolish things to say in response to the report, telling the paper( below ):

“Let’s say that they do a job that’s not good, or a task that they didn’t finish, or a occupation that was behavior late. I’ll deduct from their contract, absolutely. That’s what the country should be doing.”

Really ?!

Donald, wanting to ‘deduct from their contract, ‘ isn’t allowed in the first place considering it’s a binding arrangement — so you can’t simply offer what you feel like.

And it’s not just contractors or building entities either — professional clients and partners of The Donald, like advocates and real estate agents, is argued that he has shorted them out of literally hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past various decades, too.

The whole happen is nice disgusting, with The Donald bullying small businesses and mom-and-pop construction and contractor patronizes from not collecting on costs — sometimes even to the point of bankruptcy — by expending his high-priced, frightening legal squad like crazy.

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One small-time cabinetry companionship that worked with The Donald back in the 80 s and never came pay money it, eventually going bankrupt, summarizes it up best.

The company owners’ grandson, Edward Friel , told the paper 😛 TAGEND

“There’s tons of these narrations out there. Trump touches everybody.”

Just one more of the million reasons why Donald Trump does NOT deserve to be the President.

Click HERE to speak USA Today ‘s damning full report, and HERE for the one from the Wall Street Journal .

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