Federal search for ‘Guantanamo North’ site moves to Colorado

As the first step in normalizing relations between the United States and Cuba, flag-raising ceremonies weresupposed to fill Cubans and Americans alike withthe warm fluffies.( Cuban dissenters arrested and incarcerated in the weeks beforethe ceremony were unavailable for observe .)

In his comments on the historic event, President Obama forgot to mention a Reuters report exposing that, as an integrated part of the renewed liaison, Cuba would be requiring that the U.S.return Guantanamo Bay to Cuban supremacy, a requisition that Raul Castro repeated in his speech appreciating Pope Francis.

In the meantime, a crew has been touring the United States looking for a brand-new home for the prisoners currently held in Cuba, reaching stops at Fort Leavenworthin KansasandJoint Base Charleston in South Carolina. In reaction, Governors Nikki Haley and Sam Brownback communicated a letter to the Department of Defense stating,” We will not be part of any illegal and ill-advised act by this Administration, especially when that act relates to importing terrorists into our districts .”

TheAP was pointed out that the search team on Tuesday started scouting outsites in Colorado.

The AP reports 😛 TAGEND

The team planned to assess facilities at the Federal Correctional Complex in Florence and the position prison in Canon City as alternatives for a “limited” number of detainees from Guantanamo, said Navy Cmdr. Gary Ross, a Pentagon spokesman.

Among the sites that are being assessed by the Pentagon team is the Supermax in Florence, Colorado, which has been dubbed” Alcatraz of the Rockies ,” and already holds convicted terrorists.

Business Insiderreported on the reactions of residents of Carson City 😛 TAGEND

” This is a converged group of people who are bent on the extermination of America and the American way of life ,” said longtime real estate operator Preston Troutman, chairman of Canon City’s chamber of busines.” We don’t have the answers for that .”

Isn’t that what they announce “waterboating”?

Read more: http :// 2015/10/ 15/ federal-search-for-site-to-house-guantanamo-north-moves-to-colorado /~ ATAGEND

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