When You Die In Singapore, You Can Only Rent A Grave For 15 Years

When it comes time to shuffle off this mortal coil, many of us will rest assured knowing that our human body has a permanent resting place somewhere in the world that we paid top dollar to ensure. That is, if you’re not buried in Singapore.

If you’re laid to rest on the island nation, your body will simply bide implanted for 15 years. Then they knock you out of the cemetery.

You encounter, Singapore is a tiny nation. Despite the large amount of asset the two countries has accumulated in recent years, real estate is still the most valuable asset on the island.

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In 1998, the governmental forces delivered a ordinance that territory from then on, inhabitants were no longer permitted to permanently obtains cemetery schemes. Instead, they could only lease them from the government with a maximum rental reporting period 15 years.

While shocking, the existing legislation isn’t genuinely out of reputation for Singapore’s authority. For years now, graveyards have regularly been cleared to make way for new constructions like routes, shopping center, and even part towns.

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However, the policy is not without its reviewers. Many argue this indifference to the funeral habits of the past is putting the country on a perilous path.

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Still though, it’s hard to stand in the channel of business practices when it is so well funded and supported by a popular government.


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In a few years, this whole debate might be a moot point. More and more beings are choosing to be cremated rather than buried in the two countries.

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