McDonalds Nativity Scene Goes Viral After Woman Spots Something Unusual on the Sides

When it comes to the red Starbucks beakers and the not-so-Christmas-tree-shaped Reese’sof a couple seasons ago, claiming there’s a “war” on Christmas resonates kind of ridiculous.

But regardless of your stance there , no one can deny that the willingness of today’s culture to overtly expose the Jesus-side of Christmas is steadily on the reject. From the “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays” switcharoo to supplanting nativity panoramas with Santa and reindeer, we’ve all attended it.

But a McDonald’s in Spring Hill, Tenn ., did something that has shattered that politically correct mold by decorating a nativity panorama on their storefront window. And this isn’t just any nativity scene…

Notice on the sides that the words “His Name Is Jesus” and “Rejoice” are boldly written.

One woman was so excited that she snapped a photograph that has since been shared on Facebook thousands of days!

“Drove by and did a double-take, ” wrote Amy Basel of Spring Hill, Tennessee. “Growing up in the mitten, you would NEVER see this. Tennessee McDonald’s…you obligated my daytime.’ His reputation is Jesus.’”

Though I can’t speak for all of them, it looks like this McDonald’s is sure spreadin’ the compassion and real signify of Christmas in more behaviors than one. They could’ve used the gap to display a 2 for$ 2 doubled cheeseburger special, but I feel affirming the refer of Jesus as Lord to oncoming patrons is a something much implement of that prime space real estate.

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