Fomer CIA Director Endorses Hillary Clinton, Says Donald Trump Is A ‘National Security Risk’ Who’s Been Seduced By Vladimir Putin!

This is unprecedented — and it’s a HUGE deal!

Former CIA lead Michael Morell has officially endorsed

It’s highly unusual for current or onetime CIA personnels to favour candidates, instead opting to stay neutral as The Company will be helping either party’s applicant once the election is ended, but in this case — because of the jeopardies to America were imposed by

After listing off positive Mrs. Clinton’s idiosyncrasies and attributes that he’d understood when she used Secretary of State, Morell goes all in on the buffoon real estate mogul rolling on the other side, writing 😛 TAGEND

“In sharp differ to Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump had not yet been experience on national certificate. Even most significant, the specific characteristics features he has exhibited during the primary season suggest he would be a poverty-stricken, even dangerous , commander in chief.

These attributes include his obvious is necessary to self-aggrandizement, his overreaction to supposed modests, his tendency to make decisions based on suspicion, his refusal to change his opinion based on new information, his routine carelessness with the facts, his unwillingness to listen to others and his lack of respect for the rule of law.”

It doesn’t stop there, though!

Perhaps most damning of all, Morell hurls a HUGE bomb at The Donald, announcing him an “unwitting agent” helping Russia and their president, Vladimir Putin .

Then, after doubling down on how bigoted Trump “ve been here for” things like was intended to rail Muslims from registering the two countries, Morell wraps thoughts up nice and sweet in the end 😛 TAGEND

“My training as an intelligence officer coached me to call it as I see it. This is what I did for the C.I.A. “Thats what” I am doing now. Our commonwealth will be much safer with Hillary Clinton as president.”

Call it like he envisions it — no kidding !!

Oh, and Morell is not the only one who insures just the way it is, either !!

[< em> Image via TNYF/ WENN .]

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