The Property Brothers Are Trying To Be Country Stars Now

If youve ever invested a hungover Sunday morning napping to HGTV, youre very well known Drew and Jonathan Scott aka The Property Brother. If youre not familiar, you apparently dont watch enough TV and we cant be friends.

The two are giant, generally enticing Canadian twins, and they exchange and choose real estate on television.

Theyre an HGTV staple because theyre easy to watch and they deal with peoples real estate bullshit way better than anyone on the planet. If a regular contractor had to deal with the bozos on their picture, there would be assassinate investigations galore.

Pretty much every fucking incident goes down like this: Susan ends she misses a gas stave in the house that is entirely electric and Jim cant deal with carpet in the bedroom but wont shell out the currency for a home with hardwood. They likewise want a house in a top-notch vicinity that’s move-in ready and they have a plan of like, $500. In other oaths, the people on this depict are regularly nightmares. Jonathan and Drew Scott dont kill these nightmare beings, therefore, they deserve a show.

So were all OK with them hosting 15 different indicates on HGTV, but their new dare might have you, like, super confused.

Theyre trying to be country music hotshots now.

TBH their first two vocals arent perfectly horrendous. Then again, they arent fantastic either. So that leaves everyone feeling super awkward since they are dont give you fairly information to make fun of, yet “youre supposed to” wouldnt download their chants to your device from Apple Music.

Unlike Sam Hunt, who youd totes invite over for a house party( verify what I did there ?) if the Scott brethren came to your live youd simply be like, Yeah, I have some visualizes you can hang up. Do you think you could deposit my backsplash while youre at it? Also, satisfy dont sing.”

Theyre kind of breaking the inviolability of HGTV. At least we still have Chip and Joanna, right?

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