Hugh Hefner’s Ex Barbi Benton Said The Playboy Founder ‘Didn’t Think He Was Going To Die Anytime In The Immediate Future’

He will be missed…


When the 67 -year-old discovered the bulletin of his enact, she was a total “basket case.” She admitted:

“I hollered all light[ when I found out ]. ”

Although she marriage real-estate developer George Gradow in 1979, Benton kept in touch with Hugh through the years, and even realise him six months ago.

“As he was get older, his hearing was diminishing, and he had a hard time talking on the phone … This started a couple of years ago, so my alone contact was in person.”

During their in-person fit at the far-famed Playboy Mansion, the two had a rare heart-to-heart where they reminisced about old times.

“I disappeared up to the Mansion, and rather than sit where other beings were, he wanted to sit with me privately … When I was there for “states parties ” or a small get-together, I never got to talk to Hef. So we went to one of the offices in the Mansion, and behind closed doors we had the most amazing exchange about old times … We really had a great talk … I felt like he kind of knew that it was coming to an point. When I left, he said, ‘I hope you come up and interpret me more often.”‘

Although the businessman was ‘in poor health, ‘ he was certain he had more time than he did.

“He didn’t think he was going to die anytime in the immediate future … He was unnerved[ with reports] that said he didn’t have much go left. He said, ‘I have plenty of go left! I’m not “re going away” just yet.”‘

Even though he “wasn’t looking forward to fatality, ” he took comfort in the fact that he was going to be interred next to fellow icon Marilyn Monroe.

“He has a plot next to Marilyn Monroe, so he was looking forward to lying next to the gallon who knocked off Playboy. That’s kind of the acces he looked at death — nothing could be better than his life. And even though his health had languished, he was still living a good life. He still had most of his faculties.”

R.I.P. Hef.

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