John ‘Goldfinger’ Palmer was ‘unlawfully killed’ – BBC News

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Image caption John “Goldfinger” Palmer, illustrated in 2001, was a convicted conman

Notorious criminal John “Goldfinger” Palmer was shooting six occasions in a “contract-style” killing, an investigation has heard.

The 65 -year-old was found dead in the garden-variety of his gated home in South Weald in June 2015.

Although Essex Police originally thought he died of natural stimulates, it surfaced he had been shot six times.

Greater Essex Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray said: “I is believed that Mr Palmer was unlawfully killed.”

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Image caption The former scrap metal marketer was known for his involvement in the Brink’s-Mat robbery

Detectives originally thought he died of natural campaigns having previously had keyhole surgery to his chest, but it later emerged “hes been” slaughtered with the violation having “all the hallmarks” of a contract killing.

Mr Palmer, once described as Britain’s richest criminal and thought to have been worth 300 m, got his nickname after he was arrested on doubt of melting down gold from the Brink’s-Mat robbery, although he was never convicted.

The robbery in 1983 took place at Heathrow Airport when 25 m importance of amber was plagiarized. At the time is was the biggest robbery to have ever taken place in the UK.

Mr Palmer, who was one of 7 children, was said to have melted the metal down in the back plot of his mansion at Landsdown near Bath.

However, he revoked knowing it was plagiarized and was acquitted in 1987, blowing kiss to the jury from the dock when the conclusion was delivered.

Worth around 500 m in today’s expenditures, most of the gold has never been recovered and the contingency remains open.

Det Ch Insp Stephen Jennings said the weapon used to kill Mr Palmer has never been recovered.

He told the coroner he believed it was a “contract-style” killing and it was “more than likely” a silenced. 32 calibre pistol was used in the murder.

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Image caption John Palmer, illustrated with his son James Ketley, was about to wash trial when he was shot dead at 65

He said the killing could have taken weeks if not months to project and detectives trust Mr Palmer was being sleuthed on through a flaw in his fence.

One line of investigation is that Mr Palmer was positioned to sit tribulation in Madrid accused of a real estate fraud.

Mr Palmer was burning documents in his plot when he was killed, Det Ch Insp Jennings said.

The coroner expressed her condolences to Mr Palmer’s family.

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